Monday, October 3, 2011


I'd like to thank you for spreading awareness of what Trevor is doing. I knew that I would get a negative backlash for disclosing this information but I don't care. When you know the truth about yourself, your intention and the situation that happened there is no need to be affected by what other people think or say. I take responsibilty for my part in the situation. I was young, dumb, naive and wanting love. Anyone who knows Trevor knows he is cheap as fuck so wanting money from him is a joke. I had known him for 3 years before this happened and he'd met my family so if that is a definition of a heaux, whore, jumpoff so be it, I don't give a fuck.

If you don't believe me that is fine as well. I invite anyone who doubts to sleep with him for a while or wait until he gets a bad cold then fuck him and report back the same thing that I've confirmed while you're crying in the er with an inflamed vagina. Don't say I didn't warn you. He is positive for hsv-2 and that is the bottom line fact. Trevor has a BADDDD case of herpes!!!!!!

I don't have HIV or meningitis but thanks for your concern. I was extremely healthy prior to this and I had never been sick before. People think this is just a skin issue but it causes a LOT of other problems and it does cause nerve pain called neuralgia because that is where it lives, in your nerve cells in your spine where your immune system does not go. Please don't be ignorant about this disease. Cold sores/fever blisters are herpes. You can have type 1 or type 2 anywhere on your body. Type 1 is just the preferred location for the mouth area and type 2 for the genitals but again it can go anywhere and you CAN self infect yourself by touching say your mouth with a blister and then your hand. This is a big money maker for the drug industry so be aware.

My goal is to spread awareness about Trevor intentionally infecting myself, others and potential victims to the herpes virus that he knows he HAS. I'll respond to comments here about anything cause like I said I don't care at this point, the damage to my life has already been done.

No I don't take medication and I have a coach that is helping me heal and eliminate this virus from my system because I believe the body can heal itself if you give it what it needs. I know there are others suffering like me who understand the pain of this situation so just know that we can heal.

My coach has had success with others and negative tests from positive. I am on a strict diet, take loads of vitamins, herbs, and I'm on mms with dmso. I got a bad herximer reaction 3 weeks ago and I was basically stuck in the house. I couldn't move, I was in tremendous pain, I had sores on my entire ass and my spine split. I get really angry at times like this so that is why I decided to write this blog. It is an emotional release for me. I am getting better now but I wanted my spirit to leave my body during this time because the pain was too much to bare, so FUCK YOU TREVOR!!!

The virus lives in the sacral ganglia and I kept spraying it with mms mixed with dmso so it will come out and die and boy did it. So here are images with sores and PUSS driping out of my ass so MTO MISS ME WITH THIS BEYOTCH!! LIKE I SAID I'D RATHER HAVE CANCER FOOLS!!!!

P.S. MTO you are late bitch...should have waited for pics and it is not a "claim" it's 1000000% the TRUTH!

Signed *Heaux*