Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Time to switch up the tone of this blog and congratulate Busta Rhymes on landing the lead role in the new movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. As you can see from the picture above this role was a natural fit for Busta and he found it easy to get into character. Hardly any special effects were needed while filming, only a wig and fur that was Elmer's glued to Busta's herpied body.

In other good news Busta is 6 months pregnant and due for a fall delivery. Doctors have advised him to get a C-section to avoid spreading herpes to his newborn baby. Busta is happy to be adding a new addition to the 9 kids he already has. Life is great for Bus.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Valtrex is Not The Only Thing Busta Rhymes Has Been Avoiding

Busta Rhymes Busted By Uncle Sam, Owes $790K In Back Taxes

Rapper Busta (Outbreak) Rhymes may need to calm down on the extravagant spending (And Spreading Herpes). Apparently, Rhymes has been blowing money so fast that he’s neglected to pay some taxes. According to reports, The “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” rapper owes the government nearly a million dollars.

Bussa Bus hasn’t commented on the state of his finances yet. But he better get in contact with the IRS soon before he becomes the next Wesley Snipes. You saw how the government did him.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Busta Rhymes is Ugly

Anyone got biscuits to go with that yellow butter on Busta Outbreaks teeth? Parkay! A face that only a mother can love. So hideous and ugly. I can't believe I slept with this...yuck!!! Ladies and men BEWARE not only is he butt ugly, he has a raging genital herpes infection in his loins. You've been warned!!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Crusty Spine Rhymes

I want to thank everyone who has stopped by the blog. Even though the majority of reactions to me exposing Busta Rhymes about spreading his herpes has been negative, it has gotten people talking about the seriousness of this disease and protecting themselves by getting tested before having sex, which is always good. If the people that were infected by him before me had spoken out (which some of them have after I looked for it), I would have been saved from a lot of pain and anguish.

I have one Twitter follower who was grateful to know about his herpes and said that her and Crusty Rhymes had talked on the phone and she was glad that that was far as it went and was ever going to go. He is a predator who lives in delusion about his status and sees nothing wrong with spreading it, leaving a trail of anger and outbreaks in the dust. The thing is you can't treat everyone the same. Some of those people are going to get so angry about being violated and their lives altered in such a hurtful way that they are going to retaliate and want revenge.

I was looking for a new picture to use on Twitter and I came across the one below of the back of Busta. Besides him looking like a walrus with more rolls than Dunkin Donuts, and appearing so dirty that he needs to soak in bleach, look at the center of his lower spine. He has crusty looking remnants of what looks like dried up outbreaks on his lower spine, as well as raised bumps. That is the only place that the white flaky crust and cluster of bumps are. Why is this important? Because the spine, particularly the lower spine or ganglia is where the virus lives. For all of you who saw the image of my spine and ass on MTO, I broke out in that area just like my infector Crust Bucket Rhymes. I regret my decision to even talk to him every day. He is disgusting.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

New EBook - Busta Rhymes Gave Me Herpes - 
"A Cautionary Tale of a Virus Spreading Rapper"

This explosive ebook exposes that fact that rapper Busta Rhymes is purposely spreading his herpes. One woman shares her journey to find closure after learning that Busta is aware of his infection and has spread the disease to numerous other women and men. Filled with regret, yet laced with humor, this book details her experience and cautions others to make better choices in their owns lives. The information presented is a cautionary tale of how to protect yourself against sexual predators who chose not to disclose their sexually transmitted diseases, as well as natural ways to help treat viruses and infections. Anonymous Jones is on a crusade to stop Busta Rhymes and other "Busters" from spreading this insidious and virulent disease, blindsiding their victims. By arming yourself with the knowledge in this book, you will discover ways to prevent this from happening to you and live a better life.

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Busta Rhymes Gave Me Herpes

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Honeymooners

For every chick and tranny that thinks I'm lying...do the following. If you meet and make the GOD awful decision to have relations with herpes infested Busta Rhymes...demand that he take a HSV2 Rapid Test BEFORE u destroy your life. It takes 20 mins to get the results. I PROMISE u that inflamed crotch bastard is all of a sudden gonna turn into Ralph Kramden when Alice would confront his ass about some shit. All you'll hear is humina, humina, hummina, hummina.....

I can almost guarantee that that will be the last time you see and hear from that clown!


So I've been receiving requests for me to update my blog. I have really just been focused on healing and getting myself in a more positive mental space. I never expected this blog to get the exposure that it did, it was just a way for me to vent and within 3 days somehow it made it to MTO.

To date of course Trevor Smith aka Busta Herp aka Busta Rhymes has not responded to the TRUTH that I revealed about him. This blog was on MTO twice and was even discussed on Hot 97, other blogs, Yahoo news, mentions on Twitter etc so his punk ass saw it and I'm sure his phone was blowing up. IF you were accused of having hsv-2 which is genital herpes and it was blowing up ALL over the internet, and it was not TRUE, wouldn't you have defended yourself and called me a liar and try to have this blog shut down??? Where are his attorneys with lawsuits and threats against me by revealing the truth to the world that Busta Rhymes is spreading herpes??? Why you ask???!!

Because that fool would have to PROVE that he does not have herpes which he CANNOT do!!!! That is why he is silent while I continue to blast his ass on Twitter and include his friends in all the tweets, and will continue to blog about his infected ass because a) I don't give a damn and b) he can't do shit about it and he KNOWS this. It feels good to me to expose his ass because he did what he did to me without thinking about the repercussions. I know that I am not the only one that he has done this to and I am just waiting for more people to come forward about him infecting them on purpose.

In other news, to respond to a YouTube video I saw posted:

To answer your question...NO, I am not and never was a video ho/groupie/whore, etc. I knew Trevor for a few years before this happened. It was not a one night stand. There is more that I can get into but I'll decide if I want to share that or not. I am anonymous for obvious reasons. This is not something that I am proud of and I am ashamed that this happened to me. Who wouldn't be??????

I have always stated that my main goal is to vent my anger and spread awareness about a man that is infected with a virus and is playing Russian Roulette with other peoples health by not letting them know about his hsv2 positive status. He is no different than a person who knowingly spreads HIV. People that spread HIV are locked up and exposed so I'm exposing Trevor Taheim Smith because he has HSV-2 and spreads it. I'm saving LIVES here!!! I am preventing what happened to me from happening to some unsuspecting victim!!!

I have not and will not back down from the FACT that I know to be true about that worthless loser. People have said horrible things about me that I have read but I KNOW the truth about this wilder-beast looking piece of shit. Busta is not even coming forth to defend himself which should state the obvious to all of those who don't want to believe that this washed up rapper, with 7-8 kids could actually be infected with herpes. Ask that fool how many kids he has and you'll get the pause. Ask him how many women he has sent to the abortion clinic. All the truth about your "not your favorite rappers, favorite rapper". He is wack, herpes infested, and a scumbag. Plain and simple.