Monday, October 17, 2011


I had to take a break from blogging for a few days because the negativity was a bit much. There is so much ignorance about this disease and I have a few things I will discuss in other posts that I saved.

Let me just set it straight that I'm not receiving any fortune or fame from this blog. I'm posting anonymously for obvious reasons so where the fuck is the fame AND my blog was not linked to MTO or other blog sites they just copied and pasted so where the fuck is the fortune? If you think I'm getting some type of reward for this blog then there is a bridge I need to sell you. Like the web site "Don't Date Him Girl" I need to start a site called "Don't Fuck Him Girl!" because a lot of people with std's won't tell you shit.

I believe that Trevor is continuing to burn women by not disclosing his hsv2+ status and I'm putting a warning out there for those that get intimately involved with him that if you go that route, sooner or later you will get infected. Like I said don't take my word for it just go ahead and fuck him. You see what I am saying is the truth so it won't be that hard to figure out the facts.

People really need to get real. I'm obviously using this blog to vent my anger at the entire situation not for some come up. Honestly I would give everything to not be in this situation and to have made a better choice that day. People are glamorizing this fool like he is incapable of having herpes because he is a celebrity which is asinine. Automatically I'm a groupie, etc when he was chasing me. Go figure. I'm the furthest from that which is why it's so funny to me. I didn't alreadly have herpes and I wasn't sleeping around. I was infected by Trevor Smith.

People are defending this fool like his reputation is stellar. He is a rapper with 7 kids. That is from HIS mouth!! I asked him about it when a friend of mine made a comment about his multiple children and I asked Trevor and he did not deny it. His exact words were "I made a lot of mistakes in my life". Obviously!! This was a few years before he gave me herpes because I stopped dealing with him after that. I saw him out during a lonely period in my life and we started seeing each other again. There are more details that I won't share because then he will know exactly who I am.

My point is why people believe that a rapper that has been in the biz for a really long time and has slept with thousands of women at this point immune to getting a disease? The man has herpes...PERIOD!!! Go fuck him and see for yourself for all of you in denial.

Aug 2 1999 3:30 PM EDT Busta

Aug 2 1999 3:30 PM EDT Busta Rhymes Gets Results Of Paternity Test The paternity suit leveled against rapper Busta Rhymes in a North Carolina court appears to have gotten stronger, as recent test results indicate that Rhymes is likely to be the biological father of a one-year-old girl. According to the Associated Press, the results of a paternity test done to determine whether Rhymes is the father of Mariah Elizabeth Miskelly indicated a 99.9964 percent chance that he was indeed the dad. The child's mother, Jill Miskelly, filed a paternity suit against the rapper in early July, although Busta has been voluntarily paying over $1,200 a month in child support since January. Miskelly and her attorneys are attempting to have that amount increased, as state laws base the amount of child support payments on the income of the father. When contacted by MTV News about this story, label reps for Busta Rhymes had no comment on either the pending lawsuit or the results of the paternity test. Trevor George Smith, better known as rap star Busta Rhymes, has been sued by a woman who claims he is the father of her child. Jill Miskelly, 25, filed the paternity suit A civil action brought against an unwed father by an unmarried mother to obtain support for an illegitimate child and for payment of bills incident to the pregnancy and the birth. earlier this month. She claims the child, Mariah Elizabeth Miskelly, is Smith's, the result of a night they spent together in January 1998. paternity test,showed that the chances are 99.99 percent that Smith is Mariah's father. In January, Smith started voluntarily making child support payments of $1,250 a month, but Miskelly's attorney said that was not enough.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The grand slam "Heaux" is back with a few things to say.

Some of you went in! I guess everyone else is walking around with chastity belts and halos around this bitch waiting for their prince to ride up and take their virginity on the wedding night. Please! Most of you are fucking just like I was and just got lucky. 1 in 4 is the statistic so some of you are walking around with the same shit and don't know it or are just as fucked up as I am. Again I admit my mistake and I'm faaarrr from perfect but some peoples comments seem as if they are walking on water out this bitch. It feels so good to be living amongst so many angels on earth. (right)

The funniest comment is that I was looking for a come up, lmao!!!! First off Trevor approached me. He had his people come and talk to me for him and I was semi across the room. I don't go up to men trying to talk to them. Second what the hell was I coming up on? That nigga is a notorious cheapskate, he even asked me to pay half on a plane ticket (which I didn't). If I was digging I would have moved the hell on from jump cause ain't shit but pocket lint in that dig. The only thing he gave me was the gift that keeps on giving. I did have feelings for him at that time but I guess that is hard to believe maybe? Non of the angels reading with their tight ass chastity belts on have ever genuinely liked someone? Okay. AND HELL to the NO NO NO NO do I WANT HIM!!! I'm already herpes the fuck up but I wouldn't fuck him again a with stray cats PUSSY!!!!!!!!!!!

I sat right next to him when he was negotiating a child support settlement for one of his MANY kids and he was offering a little over $1,000 a month then he asked his lawyer if that was too much. I guess there was not much to go around when you have a enough kids for a starting team and some bench warmers. So it's def not about the money; its about the principle and to bring awareness that he knew he had this and gave it to me on purpose. That is why I'm mad son. I know he is still passing this shit around and he needs to be stopped. If this was hiv his ass is spreading like Skippys he would be rotting in jail. It's the same principle and it's a serious virus no matter how much people like to pass it off as a "skin" disease, it is more than that.

If he had been honest with me about what he has then it was on me had I chosen to still fuck him. Then if this had happened I couldn't have been mad because I would have known what the situation was.

For those of us that know Trevor intimately I'll  throw a couple of identifiers out. He has a large thick vein that runs down the top of his cock.  He is freaky/nasty, Obviously!! I forgot to mention that I had my period when this happened (which is probably why I got it even more severely) and Trevor proceeded to take my tampon out for me and sucked the clit area of my box. I was kind of thrown because most men are known to act like you have the plague when you have your period but not good ole Trev. He could care less!!

Oh and we did it straight missionary position. Someone said something about the outbreak that happened on my ass crack like that because he hit it from the back but that is not the case. I kept spraying it with mms and dmso to kill it. Dmso is the only substance that penetrates the cells. Mms is a pathogen killer. The virus lives where I was spraying so that is why I had a bad reaction in that area. I want the nasty shit to come out and unfortunately that is part of healing. It's called a herximer reaction, you get sicker before you get better.

I have done a lot of research on this and there are people that are healing themselves and I am determined to do that. Western medicine/drugs does not and has never cured anything so for those of you that want to go that route that is fine but that is not I am doing. Someone said I'm not being "responsible" for not taking meds which is insane to me. I'm only responsible for myself and I obviously am not and don't want to be with anyone anymore so as long as I'm not hurting anyone else it is my personal decision to decide how I want to treat this situation. This country is so brainwashed with these drugs that just suppress symptoms and have side effects. I choose not to suppress this crap and then develop high blood pressure. I'm already fucked up as it is. So you can take your meds and get on that horse and ride off into the sunset like that commercial if you want but I'm not. Nothing about this shit makes me want to bike riding while grinning from ear to ear, sorry.

Lastly, Trevor is not known to be this stand up guy in the community. He is a grade A ass so the "shes lying" comments and "oh my this can never be true" are comedy to me. He has what 4 cases for beating up his fans and bodyguards. Last year he was sued for throwing a glass at a woman:

My point is that he is known to be a jerkoff. In my case his weapon of choice was his flame throwing fire crotch dick. Believe what you want to believe I'm not trying to convince anyone. I know what I know and that is Trevor is burning with that herp.

I'm not going to keep talking about Trevors herpified ass so much anymore. It's beating a dead horse. I am just mad, hurt, upset, frustrated, tired, all of the negative emotions that you can imagine from going through this. I have to focus on my protocol that my coach has me on and keeping disciplined with my regimen. Blogging gives me an emotional release from all the stress that this gross shit has me under.

Oh and if you haven't seen it, I found of video of just how kind Trevor can be. Notice that the time he spends cursing her out he could have signed her paper and kept it moving. Guess he didn't have to shit that bad and was just being the prick that I know he is:

Until next time

Monday, October 3, 2011


I'd like to thank you for spreading awareness of what Trevor is doing. I knew that I would get a negative backlash for disclosing this information but I don't care. When you know the truth about yourself, your intention and the situation that happened there is no need to be affected by what other people think or say. I take responsibilty for my part in the situation. I was young, dumb, naive and wanting love. Anyone who knows Trevor knows he is cheap as fuck so wanting money from him is a joke. I had known him for 3 years before this happened and he'd met my family so if that is a definition of a heaux, whore, jumpoff so be it, I don't give a fuck.

If you don't believe me that is fine as well. I invite anyone who doubts to sleep with him for a while or wait until he gets a bad cold then fuck him and report back the same thing that I've confirmed while you're crying in the er with an inflamed vagina. Don't say I didn't warn you. He is positive for hsv-2 and that is the bottom line fact. Trevor has a BADDDD case of herpes!!!!!!

I don't have HIV or meningitis but thanks for your concern. I was extremely healthy prior to this and I had never been sick before. People think this is just a skin issue but it causes a LOT of other problems and it does cause nerve pain called neuralgia because that is where it lives, in your nerve cells in your spine where your immune system does not go. Please don't be ignorant about this disease. Cold sores/fever blisters are herpes. You can have type 1 or type 2 anywhere on your body. Type 1 is just the preferred location for the mouth area and type 2 for the genitals but again it can go anywhere and you CAN self infect yourself by touching say your mouth with a blister and then your hand. This is a big money maker for the drug industry so be aware.

My goal is to spread awareness about Trevor intentionally infecting myself, others and potential victims to the herpes virus that he knows he HAS. I'll respond to comments here about anything cause like I said I don't care at this point, the damage to my life has already been done.

No I don't take medication and I have a coach that is helping me heal and eliminate this virus from my system because I believe the body can heal itself if you give it what it needs. I know there are others suffering like me who understand the pain of this situation so just know that we can heal.

My coach has had success with others and negative tests from positive. I am on a strict diet, take loads of vitamins, herbs, and I'm on mms with dmso. I got a bad herximer reaction 3 weeks ago and I was basically stuck in the house. I couldn't move, I was in tremendous pain, I had sores on my entire ass and my spine split. I get really angry at times like this so that is why I decided to write this blog. It is an emotional release for me. I am getting better now but I wanted my spirit to leave my body during this time because the pain was too much to bare, so FUCK YOU TREVOR!!!

The virus lives in the sacral ganglia and I kept spraying it with mms mixed with dmso so it will come out and die and boy did it. So here are images with sores and PUSS driping out of my ass so MTO MISS ME WITH THIS BEYOTCH!! LIKE I SAID I'D RATHER HAVE CANCER FOOLS!!!!

P.S. MTO you are late bitch...should have waited for pics and it is not a "claim" it's 1000000% the TRUTH!

Signed *Heaux*