Thursday, November 21, 2013

New EBook - Busta Rhymes Gave Me Herpes - 
"A Cautionary Tale of a Virus Spreading Rapper"

This explosive ebook exposes that fact that rapper Busta Rhymes is purposely spreading his herpes. One woman shares her journey to find closure after learning that Busta is aware of his infection and has spread the disease to numerous other women and men. Filled with regret, yet laced with humor, this book details her experience and cautions others to make better choices in their owns lives. The information presented is a cautionary tale of how to protect yourself against sexual predators who chose not to disclose their sexually transmitted diseases, as well as natural ways to help treat viruses and infections. Anonymous Jones is on a crusade to stop Busta Rhymes and other "Busters" from spreading this insidious and virulent disease, blindsiding their victims. By arming yourself with the knowledge in this book, you will discover ways to prevent this from happening to you and live a better life.

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Busta Rhymes Gave Me Herpes