Friday, January 23, 2015


Not only is he spreading GENITAL HERPES but Busta Rhymes is horrendously ugly and looks like the black Joker.

For the record I am NOT the only one Busta Rhymes has spread Genital Herpes to. I have just been the most vocal about it. Here are excerpts from my E-Book about his notorious HERPES spreading:
This e-book would be a thousand pages long if I quoted everything I read about him. See for yourself what others had to say. The first and second posts infuriated me the most (all quotes/admissions are copied verbatim and are unedited):
"Busta has had herpes since '96. well that i know of. i met him at a party and soon we become casual partners. i performed oral sex on him everytime we saw each other. as time progressed i came down with a soar throat. it got so bad that i could barely swallow my food. i went to the free clinic and discovered my lymph nodes had swollen due to herpes. i knew it was from busta. i see that bastard is still spreading the shit to women. he should be in jail. what he is doing is criminal behavior."
"Busta does have bad karma. He is a vile man. What I have heard is that Busta has a virulent case of herpes and spreads it to his sexual partners. If they confront him about it he accuses them of infecting him. He has babies littered across the globe because he does not believe in condoms. He is BISEXUAL.
"No, it's true. You don't need me to tell you. Just look at Busta. He looks dirty. Anyone that comes in contact with that shall be Lysol'd and should get a full body scrub."
"Yea I remember back in the day he admitted he'd been burned 3 times before. I use to remember what the STIs were but I've forgotten now that was about 10 yrs ago."
"Busta is spreading herpes to our people. Did you know he was gay? You better write it cuz Busta is promising people shit and he don’t pay.He doesn’t like condoms and he’s out here giving herpes. Busta’s cousin Rampage used to date transgenders back in his heyday too."                   

"Mr. Rhymes needs to go in his prayer closet & sit down. I’ve heard from industry people I’ve worked with & friends who have told me for YEARS this guy is not only gay. He screws around with certain men(feminine looking & acting) but mostly transvestites & he "truly believes he is NOT gay." He is known to have in depth lengthy conversations about "how f-ed up gays are." He hasn’t come up on a real gay man who will not accept his disrespect. He knows who to mess with."



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