Friday, April 11, 2014

Crusty Spine Rhymes

I want to thank everyone who has stopped by the blog. Even though the majority of reactions to me exposing Busta Rhymes about spreading his herpes has been negative, it has gotten people talking about the seriousness of this disease and protecting themselves by getting tested before having sex, which is always good. If the people that were infected by him before me had spoken out (which some of them have after I looked for it), I would have been saved from a lot of pain and anguish.

I have one Twitter follower who was grateful to know about his herpes and said that her and Crusty Rhymes had talked on the phone and she was glad that that was far as it went and was ever going to go. He is a predator who lives in delusion about his status and sees nothing wrong with spreading it, leaving a trail of anger and outbreaks in the dust. The thing is you can't treat everyone the same. Some of those people are going to get so angry about being violated and their lives altered in such a hurtful way that they are going to retaliate and want revenge.

I was looking for a new picture to use on Twitter and I came across the one below of the back of Busta. Besides him looking like a walrus with more rolls than Dunkin Donuts, and appearing so dirty that he needs to soak in bleach, look at the center of his lower spine. He has crusty looking remnants of what looks like dried up outbreaks on his lower spine, as well as raised bumps. That is the only place that the white flaky crust and cluster of bumps are. Why is this important? Because the spine, particularly the lower spine or ganglia is where the virus lives. For all of you who saw the image of my spine and ass on MTO, I broke out in that area just like my infector Crust Bucket Rhymes. I regret my decision to even talk to him every day. He is disgusting.